Irish Transportation

Welcome to IrelandBecause there are many remote areas in Ireland worth visiting, we feel hiring a car is the best way to visit this lovely island.

Having a car on hand also allows you to drive through villages you may not have known to exist and be spontaneous.

In the past, B&B owners would sit in their living rooms with the lights on outside waiting for tired visitors to pop in but it is now suggested to have a reservation.

Still, the old way is still there for the courageous. The Irish are very tidy and staying at a B&B is a good way to meet new friends.

One of the best reference guides to driving a car in Ireland was sent to us by Sarah Washington at the Valley Book Club in Ireland. We thank her for her suggestion and warmly ebrace it. Thank you, Sarah.
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Shannon Ferry
Shannon Ferry Group operates a vehicular ferry service from Killimer in Co. Clare to Tarbert in Co. Kerry. Shannon Ferries Bridging the Best of Ireland's West

Shannon Airport

This offers those on holiday a chance to drive along the western coast of Ireland and enjoy a lovely 20-minute trip across the Shannon.

Stena Line