Car Rentals in Sweden

Driving a Car in Sweden

Drivers in Sweden must be over 18 and driving is on the right-hand side of the road.

All cars must have their headlights at all times.

Dimmed running lights are allowed. The idea in Sweden is to be seen while you drive.

Max speed is 110 kilometers per hour and seat belts are mandatory for driver and all passengers.

Children under seven must be in special child seats.

Domestic drivers are allowed in Scandinavia with no additional charges. International - not allowed.

Minimum rental age is 21.

Travel Advisories and Warnings

Driving after drinking is seriously discouraged. Police are allowed to give you a breathalyzer test if they suspect you have been drinking.

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If your blood level alcohol content is 0.2 mg/ml or the content of alcohol in your exhaled breath is 0.10 mg/l or more you are in big trouble. Big trouble in this case is one year of jail time with hard labor (the same as Finland).

Speed limits signs are posted everywhere and are easy to read. They are a yellow disc in a red border and the numbers are in black.

Use extra caution when traveling around sunset or dawn. There are many animals in Sweden and they don't want you to hit them.

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