Sites that Scare Us

(Well... a little bit)

Ok, there are no snakes in Ireland, nor are there poisonous spiders. But we need to have some fun with you so we've selected a few sites that may give you pause.

It's all innocent slagging, really (we say this because some Irish may not always have on hand their customary good sense of humour).

What we are wondering, lads, is, why don't these sites ever link back to us?

Spirits of Legend and Fantasy: Banshees (This link was sent to us by a wee lass from Moreno Valley, California, USA, who loves libraries)

When we listen to Irish legends, we often hear about leprechauns. However, leprechauns are only one of many spirits of Ireland.

One, much more frightening and morbid, but arguably more interesting creature of legend is the banshee. These ghost-women appeared in many Irish folktales and are as much an element of Ireland's history as their tiny green-clad counterparts. This page should teach you the basics of what you need to know about banshees.

Badger Watch Ireland
It's really frightening when the cute little badger follows your curser through the navigation links... no, wait. The whole concept of a badger-watch site is frightening.

Butterflies of Ireland
They look just like moths to us?

Druid School
Just when you thought you'd finally stamped them out, they go and build a school.

Mother of the Bride Dresses
The dresses on this site (as well as the ladies in them) are quite lovely indeed but the thought of all those Mothers of the Bride in one place is too much to bear..

Ground Beetles of Ireland
Lots of great links to other beetle sites.

Irish Bird Images 
Ok, we admit it. We're not birders and we're having a bit more fun than we probably should be having with them.

This is a nice site and here's what themselves say: "We like to share our Irish birding moments with digital images displayed on our site. Some are common and rare visitors to our shores, with the added interest of foreign birding. Updated weekly."

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers.
We did not make this one up. We did not make any of this up. This site even has cat links but we were too frightened to follow them.

Irish Dragonflies
They actually have a book on the history of Irish dragonflies (this has to be a best seller) and links to other dragonfly sites.

Irish Faeries
Guaranteed good for at least one bad dream.

Irish Holidays
Sounds benign enough but "Tantra Yoga?" And they even have a course in Dowsing. Dowsing? Isn't that the art of finding water? (It's called Doodlebugging in the US.)

Really? Fill me in, Lads. Who would worry about finding water in Ireland?

Irish UFO's
We strongly suggest having at least two pints of Guinness before entering this site.

And last but not beast is our own Lisdoonvarna page. Only the most stout of heart should venture here.