Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is known the world over but there are also a number of other beautiful drives along the western coast of Ireland.

This page includes the coastal portion of the Ring of Kerry and provides you with suggested sights, things to do and lodging information for traveling this route from Cork to Galway.

Roughly, the Ring of Kerry starts in the north at Tralee and continues through Killarney and down to Waterville.

Waterville is famous for being the European anchor for the first intercontinental cable.

We recommend doing at least a part of this trip so you can see the spectacular views from the western coast of Ireland.

The map below gives you the location of the coastal route and the southern and western portion of the Ring of Kerry.

It is one of the most beautiful drives in Ireland and takes you across the River Shannon on the

Map Courtesy of Shannon Ferries

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Fishy Fishy Cafe (fabulous)
Jimmy Edwards
Blue Haven Hotel
Irish music in Bulman at Summercove Actons Hotel - Jazz on Sunday, food
Trident hotel good bar food plus restaurant.
Max's Wine Bar.
Plus lots more food for every appetite.


Ring of Beara

The name Glengarriff comes from the Irish "An Gleann Garbh" meaning a rugged glen. Garnish Island is just off the coast.

Located on the Beara Peninsula, the village has a network of paths with breathtaking views of the bay.

The Glengarriff woodland is the only sizeable remainder of the ancient forest that once covered all the hilly areas of West Cork.

If you fish, you will find salmon, trout and rudd in upper and lower Lough Avoul, Barley Lake and Glasslough Lake and in Glengarriff, Coomarkane rivers. Fishing permits can be obtained locally.

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Founded in 1670, Kenmare was Kerry's first Heritage Town.

It is on the Ring of Kerry, known all over the world, follows the coastline of the Iveragh peninsula. It is one of the most dramatic scenic drives in the country and makes a most exciting day tour. Along the 175km route are picturesque villages, an abundance of historical landmarks, sandy coves and beaches.


Killarney Online<

< Ring of Kerry

The famous Ring of Kerry holds incredible views and ancient dwellings. The stone structures, alone, are worth the trip.


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Baily's Corner
Ashe Street
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Stokers Lodge Bar And Restaurant
Phone:+353 66 7120138

The Oyster Tavern
The Spa
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Keane's Bar and Restaurant
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Kilkee is one of Clare's seaside resorts. It has a beautiful sweep of beach with a protected cove and is a perfect family vacation spot. Many residents of other parts of Clare come here during the summer to swim.

If your plans involve going to the south of Clare, Kilkee is a good stopping-over spot before you take the ferry over the River Shannon to County Kerry.

Spanish Point

Beautiful west coast of Clare. We recommend having lunch or dinner at the Burkes Armada Hotel. Better yet, sleep there (or at Southwind B&B) and wake up to the sound of waves crashing in the cove.


Absolutely a must-see. The beautiful beach supports waves for surfing and Lahinch is the home of one of the finest golf courses in Europe. The locals say it's Tiger's favorite place to play golf when he comes to Ireland.


Lahinch Golf Club
Lahinch Surf Shop
Lahinch Surf School
Stuart's Lahinch Surf School
Lahinch Failte


Doolin and music mean the same thing in Irish. (Well, if they don't, they should.)

Although you will find local music everywhere in Clare, it is often found in Doolin during the day.

The Irish habit is to go out somewhere around half-nine (9:30 p.m.) so you will find a much different pub later than you will earlier. We suggest you try later... at least once. Galway

Aran Islands

Although, technically, the Aran Islands are in County Galway, they sit just off the coast of Doolin. They are well worth an overnight visit into Ireland as it was in past centuries. No cars are allowed.

Aran Islands
Doolin Ferries



Lisdoonvarna hosts the annual matchmakers festival and draws singles from all over the world. It's in the center of the Burren.

If you're planning to attend the festival, make your plans early. The town fills up and you do want to be in the "heart" of things when the activities begin.


Ballyvaughan National School

Situated at the confluence of the Atlantic and Galway Bay, this is one of the most enjoyable villages in Clare. The difference between a village and a town is, a town has a courthouse.

At one time Ballyvaughan was a thriving port but it is mainly used for pleasure now. It is the arts and crafts center of County Clare.

Ballyvaughan offers easy access to Galway via a little-traveled coastal route. It's close to the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher. Save your appetite for O'Brien's pub.

Aillwee Caves

Fun adventure for the whole family awaits at Aillwee Caves in the middle of the Burren.

Aloha Surf School

Caherconnell Stone Fort is a large and perfect fort 140-145 feet in external diameter, nearly circular in plan. It is 12 feet thick and from 6-14 feet high. The masonry consists of large blocks many 3feet long and 2ft. 6in.high. The inner face is almost perfect.

Bog Wood Sculpture

The Burren Centre

Burren Perfumery