Reims, France

Reims (Champagne-Ardenne) Pop: 200,000

Reims is one of the most historically significant cities in France as the coronation site for French kings from 988 to 1825. It also was the site where Germany surrendered in a formal ceremony to the Allies in May 1945.

Yet much earlier, Reims was an important Roman outpost near the beginning of the 1st millennium A.D. The largest city in Champagne Province, it can be found on the Vesle River notheast of Paris.

Contemporary Reims is a major wine production area and hosts textile, aircraft and automobile parts industries.

Attractions in Reims:

Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral-formerly coronation site of 25 kings and currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Statue of Joan of Arc
Palace of Tau, Saint Remi of Reims Basilica
Church of St Jacques
Surrender Museum
Joan d'Arc Festival
Porte de Mars - Roman gate
Musee St Remi
White asparagus
Reims-Cedex-Les Sacres du Folklore - annually in June

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