Towns and Villages of Portugal

Portuguese Regions and Towns

Alentejo - Portugal's wine region. Although one of the poorest regions in Europe, these wines demand a premium price because of their excellence

Towns in Alentejo

Evora - This World Heritage Site has numerous ancient ruins and attractions.

Algarve - Known as the Riviera of Portugal, this gold coast offers the sunniest venue in all of mainland Europe.

Towns in Algarve

Albufeira - Alfufeira has been the most popular holiday spot in south Portugal since the 1970's.

Almancil - Quality restaurants and exclusive resorts make this town a Mecca for the discerning tourist.

- This popular destination has an ancient part to the city surrounded by Roman walls.

Lagos - Lagos is an ancient port on the mouth of the river Bensafrim.

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Portimao - Portimao has a natural harbour once home to pirates and smugglers.

Vilamoura - A recreational area rather than an actual town, Valamoura offers the best in holiday attractions.

Azores - Although the Azores are often thought to be sub-tropical islands, they do experience some chilly weather in the winter. If you are visiting at that time, it is recommended you bring a light jacket and long trousers.

Centro - From winter skiing to warm beaches, Centro offers some of the most diverse topography in Portugal.

Towns in Centro

Coimbra - Located in the middle of Portugal, this former capital has one of the oldest seats of learning in the world.

Fatima - Once a remote olive oil producing village, Fatima sprung to international fame when it was visited by Mary in 1917.

Seia - Seia is a small town at the bottom of Portugal's highest mountain known for its ewe's milk and fine leathers.

Madeira and Porto Santo - Swept by north-easterly trade winds, Madeira offers balmy beaches and gardens, parks and a volcanism centre.

Norte - Norte is Portugal's financial centre. Dotted with mansions and manor houses, it offers some of the best cuisine in the country.

Towns in Norte

Braga - This impressive city in the northern part of the country is known as the Portuguese Rome.

Porto Tours - Although highly industrialized, Porto has plenty to offer those on holiday, such as lovely beaches and excellent food.

Lisboa - The capital of Portugal, Lisboa provides a year-round perfect temperature. It is neither too hot during the summer due to the offshore breezes nor too cold during the winter because of its southern location.

Towns in Lisboa

Estoril Tours - A seaside town close to Lisbon.

Lisbon - The capitol of Portugal, Lisbon is also the largest city. One of the advantages of visiting Lisbon is the city is confined to the historic boundaries so a visit to Lisbon is a visit to the past.

Obidos Tours - A fortified castle town on the coast of Lisboa.

Setubal - Once the centre of Portuguese fishing, Setubal has experienced an increase in tourism is recent years. The town, itself, is lovely with numerous gardens.