Portuguese Car Rentals

Driving a Car in Portugal

Warning triangles must be carried in all vehicles.

Blood alcohol levels are limited to less than .05 mg/ml and you face stiff penalties for exceeding this limit in Portugal. If you test over .12 mg/ml, you will go to jail immediately.

There is no upper age limit for renting a car in Portugal.

Portuguese Car Rentals are reasonably priced

Tour Clare offers some of the best rates for renting a car in Portugal and Portrugal is known for having good rates. Please use the booking engine provided by CarTrawler (to the right) to compare prices.

If you book a car through us, you will receive a confirmation and the link to a voucher for your car hire.

We recommend printing two copies of the voucher. You will need one for when you collect your car once you arrive in Portugal and we suggest keeping a copy for when you return the vehicle.

Renting a car in Portugal is very reasonable through CarTrawler.

Alerts and Cautions in Portugal

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Be careful when driving in Portugal. Driving in the Azores can be particularly frightful with narrow stone streets, drop offs, and the usual assortment of wild drivers.

Driving is on the right side of the road in Portugal, but horse-drawn carts and stray animals are everywhere so we say, pick your safest spot in the road and try to make the best of it. It's a good idea not to be in a hurry to get anywhere.

Again, please try to be careful. Seatbelts are required for everyone in the car in Portugal.

Faro Airport

Located just west of Faro, this airport is becoming very popular with tourists and business travelers because of competitive costs.

Speed Limits in Portugal


Max: 120 km/h/74 mph

Min: 50 km/h/31 mph

Urban Areas

50 km/h/31 mph

Rural roads

90 km/h/55 mph