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Giverny and Monet's Garden Bike Tour Giverny and Monet's Garden Bike Tour

To begin your Giverny and Monet's Garden Bike Tour you will travel by rail through the beautiful wheat and sunflower fields of Normandy, along the lazy Seine river to the village of Vernon.

Once in Vernon visit the charming farmers' market to buy picnic supplies.

You'll then hop on your bike and pedal across the river to a beautiful park along the banks of the Seine for lunch. At lunch you can also sample the local's favorite drink, cider.

It will then be time for your relaxing 5 kilometer (3 miles) ride down the bike path to the village of Giverny and the world-famous gardens of Claude Monet.

Cruise past the rny church and its cemetery containing graves of local citizens dating back to the 17th century, British soldiers from World War II and even Monet himself buried within his family's vault.

You will pass the Hotel Baudy, where Impressionists Manet and Renoir used to paint.

Shortly you will arrive at the highlight of the day - Monet's Garden.

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Spend about 1.5 hours enjoying Monet's gardens, his house and the famous water lily pond where some of his most famous works originated.

Be sure to bring your camera and plenty of film! Additionally, the village of Giverny offers you the American Museum of Art (across the street from Monet's Gardens), numerous cafes and small streets begging to be explored.

You also have the option of spending some of this time riding 3 kilometers (2 miles) to the actual e producer.

It's a tough climb at the beginning, but with thousands of bottles of cider awaiting you at the top, and the effortless glide down the hill back to rny, why not?

On this journey, you will pass the Hotel Baudy where Impressionists Manet and Renoir used to paint.