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Oslo - Norway's capital and largest city, Oslo, was founded by Harold III almost a thousand years ago.

It is located at the south eastern part of the country and is a major trade centre for Europe.

Bergen - Rich in culture, Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. It is situated on the south western part of the country and is located in an area known as the Seven Mountains.

Geiranger - When you think of Norway with all the beauty of its mountains and fjords, you are thinking of what Geiranger has to offer.

Although the town is a remote tourism town on the western coast, it receives dozens of cruise ships a year so the outside world can see the beauty Norway has to offer.

Haugesund - Located on Norway's southern tip, Haugesund is a former fishing town that has evolved into the country's largest festival venue. The most well known festivals are the Norwegian Film Festival and an annual jazz festival known as Sildajazz. (Herring Jazz).

Hornindal - Boasting the deepest lake in Europe, Hornindal is on the western coast of Norway.

Although the town is quite small, it is well known for folk music and wood carving. In the summer months, Hornindal offers woodcarving classes.

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Odda - Odda is also located on the south western coast of Norway. It is known for numerous waterfalls flowing down from nearby Folgefonna glacier.

The most famous of these is the Latefossen Waterfall, which is a unique twin waterfall.  Sandvika - Established as a city in 2003, Sandvika has Scandinavia's largest super mall. It is located along the route of Norway's Airport Express Train.

Tromso - Tromso is the largest city in northern Norway. In spite of its reputation for snowy winters, Tromso has been inhabited since the end of the last ice age. The beauty of this city, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, cannot be understated.

Trondheim - The centre of medical research, science and technology in Norway, Trondheim is located half-way up the country. The city has a maritime climate and enjoys a relatively mild winter. Wildlife abounds in and around Trondheim.