Mont St Michel (Lower Normandy) Pop: 50

Mont St Michel Attractions

13th century Gothic monastery

Narrow medieval village streets

Mont Saint Michel's signature omelets in several restaurants

Musee de la Mer

Musee Gravin

Logis Tiphaine

Tidal activities

Mont St Michel Tours and Attractions, France

Private Tour: Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo Day Trip Private Tour: Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo Day Trip

From Bayeux

A member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities, Mont St Michel is the attraction in France most attended after the Eiffel Tower and Versailles castle.

Connected by causeway to the mainland, Mont St Michel dates to the early 700's A.D. and has often been a focal point for warring factions as exemplified by repeated assaults on it by the English during the Hundred Years' War.

The stretch between Mont St Michel and the coast is buffeted by incredible tides, some of the fiercest in France, and they can vary as much as 50 feet between low and high marks.

When the tide comes in, Mont St Michel becomes an island.

You'll really appreciate the magic of Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo on a private tour of these exquisite French highlights.

The fairytale island of Mont Saint Michel is just off the coast of Normandy, and is one of the most popular attractions in France.

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With two and a half million visitors a year, Mont Saint Michel is undoubtedly Normandy's most spectacular attraction.

The abbey traces its roots back to 708 A.D. As the centuries went by, buildings were added and enlarged, using the different architectural styles of the time and resulting in the enchanting abbey and monastery we admire today.

You'll have free time to take a walk around the fascinating World Heritage listed island.

Perhaps you'd like to take a wander along Mont Saint Michel's narrow streets, browse the shops on the main street, visit the island's museums or take a walk around the abbey's ramparts, with views over the sands of the bay.

Next, it's on to the old town of Saint Malo. You'll drift back in time as you walk through streets ringed by high fortified walls. The spectacular views of the port and bay look just as they were when 16th-century explorers such as Jacques Cartier, who discovered Newfoundland, would have seen them.

Perhaps you'd like to try one of the creperies, much loved by the locals, where you will find the regional specialty, a galette bretonne. Or try the numerous seafood restaurants where you can sample the fishermen's catch, freshly caught that morning.