Italian Car Rentals

Italian Car Hire Information

While renting a car in Italy can be an uncomplicated issue, we advise inspecting your vehicle thoroughly for dents, scratches and other damage before you take possession of it.

This is good advice for any car rentals but especially so in Italy. Make sure all damages are noted on the rental papers you receive.

We have had very few complaints from our customers who rent cars in Italy but the two or three we have had over the years involved the condition of the cars.

Please use the booking engine to the right to locate a responsible car rental in Italy.

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Italian Driving Laws ( In Italy, the heavier vehicle has the right of way on narrow roads.)

Maximum age for all car groups is 75 years.

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As it is in much of Europe, the legal limit for being intoxicated in Italy is .05 mg/ml.

In Italy, cars drive on the right side of the road so it is especially important to be very careful when turning left.

Seatbelts front and rear are required and speeding laws are strictly enforced with immediate fines. If you want to speed in Italy, you'll need to carry lots of Euros or be a very pretty girl.

Speed limits in Italy

130 km/hr
when wet
110 km/hr

Dual carriageway
110 km/hr
when wet
90 km/hr

Open Road
90 km/h
when wet
80 km/hr

In Town
50 km/hr