Irish Tours

The exceptional nature of the people and the beauty found in every part of the land makes it quite difficult to have a bad time in Ireland. If it rains, there's always a pub nearby.

There are many levels of tours offered in Ireland, ranging from simple suggestions of places to go to the comfort of tour busses where everything is carefully planned for your convenience.

Walking Tours

Footfalls Walking Tours   
Offers you everything from mountain peaks to lush green valleys, broad-leaved woodlands and a rugged Atlantic coastline. Ireland has less then four million people and hill walking being a relative new pursuit means that we virtually have the hills to ourselves!

Mourne Wall Walk
Built over 18 years between 1904 and 1922, the 22-mile Mourne Wall encloses 9000 acres of land which drains into the Silent Valley and Ben Crom reservoirs.

The wall covers 9000-plus feet of ascent, rising and falling over 15 mountains including Slieve Donard, Slieve Commedagh and the ever popular Slieve Binnian. While it provides a physical challenge to complete in one day, it is unquestionably the greatest long walk in the Mournes, providing views and memories unsurpassed in Northern Ireland.

Munster Hill Walks
This site contains a just a small selection of the many hill walks available in the Munster area. All walks have been logged using a GPS so it should be possible to repeat any walk using a map and a compass.

All walks have been conducted on a preplanned basis in a group with an experienced walk leader.

Ecotourism Attractions and Events

Eagles Flying
Situated amid the beautiful landscape of the North-West of Ireland, Eagles Flying, Ireland's biggest sanctuary for birds of prey and owls offers you incomparable impressions of majestic raptors soaring over one of the most lovely locations to be found.

Free-flying demonstrations with different birds of prey such as eagles, hawks and falcons twice daily at 11 am and 3 pm lasting one hour each and that there is also a pet-zoo

Ireland's Green Holiday Experience
Come to the Green Box and enjoy a new experience, you will be staying in a developing eco tourism destination.

We hope you will enjoy organic food and experience a different pace of life and wellbeing. We will give you nature / educational based holiday capable of broadening your mind and enlivening your souls, a different destination firmly grounded in sustainable principles and practices.

Exploris - Northern Ireland Aquarium
The Seal Sanctuary affords the visitor the opportunity to view the process of rehabilitation of rescued seal pups from their arrival through to full health when they are re-introduced to the wild.

Whale Watch Co. Cork
Whale watching in Ireland and whale watching in West Cork in particular, has now reached a high point for cetacean enthusiasts the world over.

Following a proposal made by the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group the Irish government declared Irish coastal waters a whale and dolphin sanctuary during the early 1990's, the first of its kind in Europe.

Archeology and Mythical Ireland

Celtic Spirit Tours
Celtic Spirit offers cultural holidays in Inishmore (Inis Mor), Ireland.

We specialize in walking tours, Celtic heritage courses, Single Holidays, Irish singing and dancing, basket making and archaeological tours.

Back in the villages you will encounter the homely warmth of the local hospitality-fine food, music, and 'craic.'

Megalithic Ireland   
Ancient pathways, etched in unyielding earth since time immemorial reveal the hidden secrets of this mystical landscape.

Stone walls, built with care and skill, remind us that this place was once densely populated.

Here and there ruins of stone-built cottages stand deserted, relics of a famine-ravaged past. There potato beds lie; ridge and furrow, beneath the purple heather where early nineteenth century toil yielded crops.

History walks ivy-clad cloisters where monks once forged a golden age of learning for the darkness of the middle ages.

Sacred Island Tours

A collection of ancient megalithic sites, mythology, art and astronomy, with some virtual tours, by artist and researcher Martin Byrne.

Sacred Site Tours   
Journey through a lush green land of rhododendrons (in May); foxglove & fuchsia (in July thru October) & heather (in August & September) - a mystical, mysterious land filled with mystery, legend, folk-tales & mythology.

The mountains and loughs we visit are homes of the gods & goddesses & reverberate with energy.