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Driving a Car in Greece

The blood alcohol level for drunk driving is .05 mg/ml as in most EU countries and the Greek police frequently employ road blocks to check for intoxicated drivers.

Renters wishing to cross the border must obtain in advance a written authorisation and a green card from Autounion provided that they guarantee the total value of the car by credit cards.

 CDW and Theft protection are not available when driving outside Greece.

A valid EU - USA - Canada - Australia - Switzerland - Norway national driver's license must have been held for at least 12 months. All others must have International driving licence.

Minimum age for drivers is 23. Drivers between 21 And 23 Will be subject to a young drivers surcharge. See charges specific to vehicle.

Travel alerts for Greece

Driving laws in Greece seem more of suggestions to the inhabitants rather than out and out rules but they will be enforced for tourists so be careful.

Drive defensively. You may be the only one doing so.

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