Glengarriff, County Cork

The name Glengarriff comes from the Irish "An Gleann Garbh" meaning a rugged glen. Garnish Island is just off the coast.

Located on the Beara Peninsula, the village of Glengarriff has a network of paths with breathtaking views of the bay.

The Glengarriff woodland is the only sizeable remainder of the ancient forest that once covered all the hilly areas of West Cork.

If you fish, you will find salmon, trout and rudd in upper and lower Lough Avoul, Barley Lake and Glasslough Lake and in Glengarriff, Coomarkane rivers. Fishing permits can be obtained locally.

Glengarriff Eccles Hotel Glengarriff Eccles Hotel

Located in Bantry Bay, the Glengarriff Eccles Hotel is one of the oldest established hotels in Ireland.

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