French Car Rentals

Renting a Car in France

Renting a car in France is quite easy. There are rental places in practically every town and city and, in many places, you can have the car rental delivered to you.

Use the handy booking to your right to find just the right location to pick up your French car rentals.

We think you like the convenience of so many locations and our prices are among the lowest of any in France

Unlike in many countries in Europe, France has strict parking rules.

If you're used to pulling up on the curb any old place you like, you'll likely be clamped in France.

Do not litter. Now this is good manners anywhere but France,especially, likes to be kept clean.

Blood alcohol levels are enforced more strictly in France (as in many EU countries) than they are in much of the rest of the world (0.5 mg/ml rather than 0.8 as is normal in many countries).

In short, don't drink and drive. This is, of course, good advice anywhere in the world.

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Seat belts front and rear are required for all passengers when driving in France. Children under the age of 10 cannot travel in the front seat.

Motorists in France are required to carry spare bulbs, a first aid kit, a warning triangle and a fluorescent jacket in their vehicle.

Cautions and Alerts

In France, you drive on the right.

The French police do love their Radar guns so expect them to be hiding behind every billboard. Radar detectors are illegal in France.

Keep in mind, when the roads are wet, the speed limit is automatically reduced.

In France, anyone caught travelling at more than 25km/h above the speed limit can have their license confiscated on the spot.

Also be aware that urban speed limits begin at the town or city sign, usually denoted by a white name panel with a red border, and the limit ends where the name panel has a diagonal black bar through it.

French Speed Limits


130 km/h (110 when wet)

Open Road

90 km/h (80 when wet)

Dual Carriageway

110 (100 when wet)


50 km/h