Dijon (Burgundy) Pop: 150,000


Dijon Tours and Attractions, France

Dijon Segway Ride Dijon Segway Ride

The Segway is the first of its kind, self-balancing personal transportation designed to go anywhere you go. Lean forward, it will go forward& Lean backwards, it will go backwards.

It's a great new way to discover Dijon, where you don't have to walk or sit in a bus. Explore more while enjoying a ride like nothing you've ever experienced.

You can do it alone, with friends or family.

You will be asked to choose from the one of the following itineraries on day of travel.

Option A: Explore the historic city center, which will introduce you to, among other places, the Darcy Garden, the covered market place, the Dukes' Palace and Notre Dame Church.

The guide will point out details of the city's 800-year-long history.

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Option B: Ride through the botanical gardens. You will be able to ride your Segway full speed.

Attractions in Dijon

Crypt of Cathedrale Saint Begnine - 11th century buildings

International Festival of Folklore - annually in August and September

The-believe-it-or-not Mustard Museum - Musee de la Moutarde

Musee des Beaux Arts - paintings of Flemish artists

Ducal Palace - 17th and 18th centuries

Moutarde de Dijon - race track

Creme de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur)

Notre Dame Church - 13th century with unusual gargoyles Festival Grand Prix - annually in June

Museum of Sacred Art

Chartreuse de Champmol - contains the well of Moses

Dijon Botanical Gardens - flora, streams, and ponds

Museum of Archeology - includes rare Celtic jewelry circa 950 B.C.

Museum of the Wine of Bourgogne