Whale and Dolphin Watching, County Cork

Union Hall, County Cork, Ireland

About the Tour

We operate between Cape Clear and The Old Head of Kinsale in County Cork.

There are two trips a day offered except in the busy season. In July and August we run three trips a day starting at 05.30 for the early bird tour.

We also run coastal nature tours during the early and later part of the season when offshore trips are not tenable because of the weather.

In addition to the whales and dolphins we view there is an abundance of other fascinating wildlife, including two species of seals, the common seal and the Atlantic grey seal.

Many species of seabirds including arctic and great skuas, sooty and Manx shearwaters, storm petrels and occasionally the rare vagrant Wilson's petrel.

Guillemots, razorbills and puffins abound in the waters where we take our visitors.

Blue sharks, basking shars and leatherback turtles are often seen during our tours. The unusual and strangely named sunfish are also frequently encountered.

Tours normally last between three and four hours.

The Boats

Voyager can take 12 passengers (all passenger boats in West Cork are licensed for 12) and we have a spacious wheelhouse, facilities for making hot drinks and a toilet on board which ensures passenger comfort.

All our trips are oriented towards education and putting forward the wider marine conservation message.

We especially emphasise the impact of climate change, unsustainable fishing practices and pollution on all marine life but especially the impact on marine mammals that are at the top of the fod chain.

A portion of all proceeds taken in on the tours goes towards research and we actively contribute towards the research fund of the IWDG.

We strive towards carbon neutrality through the combined use of computer controlled low emission engines, purchasing carbon credits and contributing towards tree planting.


The cost for a whale and dolphin watching tour is 50 euro for adults and 35 euro for children under 12 years of age.

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