Colmar, France

Colmar (Alsace) Pop: 66,000

This city is an industrial port on the Rhine with tourism, metallurgy, and textile activities.

Attractions in Colmar

Ancienne Douane - customs house - The Koifhus complex was in use in 1480 for administration on the first floor and at ground level as a warehouse.

The main entrance is up two levels of stairs on the west side. The building is of sandstone and has a sharply pitched tiled roof.

The side opposite the entry has a ground level three arcaded ground floor and with a loggia above it. These look out on the Place de l'Ancienne Douane.

11th and 15th century - In 1982, remains were archaeologically dug out of a first church, built in Carolingian style around the year 1000.

Foundations of a second church built on that spot, in Romanesque style, were found as well. The present building had been constructed between 1234 and 1365 as the church of a college devoted to the cult of Martin of Tours.

The current, conspicuous helmet crowning the bell tower had been added in 1572 in Renaissance style after a fire.

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Unterlinden Museum - sculptures, medieval paintings, contemporary art, and folk art - The museum was established in 1849, the buildings (abandoned following the French Revolution) having been saved by the Societe Schongauer (founded in 1847 by Louis Hugot [3]) and bequeathed to it by the municipality.

The collection at first centered around a Roman mosaic found in Bergheim, Haut-Rhin, still displayed today at the place to which it was originally moved, and plaster copies of antique sculptures on loan from the Louvre.

Champ de Mars - municipal park - At the location of the current Champ-de-Mars, was converted into a public promenade in 1745 outside the walls of the city.

Called "The Vanolles" in honor of the Intendant of Alsace Barth�lemy Vanolles this walk was used for military exercises of the National Guard and volunteers as well as revolutionary ceremonies. This place became the "Champ de Mars" in 1793.

St-Pierre Church - 17th century Baroque church.

Dominican Church - 13th-15th century, beautiful interior altars, stained glass, and pillars

Alsatian Wine Festival - every August

Colmar international Festival - musical concerts every July - In 2013, Colmar International Festival will celebrate its 25th year under the artistic direction of Vladimir Spivakov.

This is a unique occasion to look back on this quarter-century of shared emotions and success.

Over the years, Colmar Festival has established itself as a major musical event in the cultural landscape of Alsace, France, Europe and abroad, recognized by media from all over the world and proud of its ever-increasing visitor numbers.