Car Rentals in the USA

Driving a Car in the United States

Vehicles can be driven in any state in the United States, but must be returned to the location from which they were rented or drop-off charges may apply.

Vehicles rented in Alaska must be returned to Alaska.

Vehicles can be driven into Canada but must be returned to the United States.

Vehicles may not be driven into Mexico. We find it unadvisable to visit Mexican border towns at this time, with or without a rental car.

Full and Valid Driver's Licence from country of origin, Passport and credit card in renters name. There is no restriction on how long the driver has held their licence.

Canadian residents renting vehicles in the United States may not drive vehicles into Canada.

Driving on unpaved roads voids Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage.

The minimum age is 21, except in the state of New York where minimum age is 18 years.

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Drivers under 25 years of age will be subject to a young drivers surcharge.

Advisories and Warnings for the United States

Cars in the USA drive on the right side of the road and there are very few roundabouts.

Please take care when turning left.

Roads in the USA are excellent in most places. It is recommended (as usual) for you to book well in advance to make sure you can reserve the type of car you want.

The maximum speed limit in the USA is 75 mph but only where posted. If not posted, the maximum highway speed limit is 65 mph. Seat belts are required in all states and the maximum blood alcohol level is .08 mg/ml.

In most states turning right on a red light is allowed but not in some. Check with your rental agency when hiring your car for local driving laws. Be careful with your speed when driving through small Southern towns, especially in Louisiana.

Most car rental outlets in the USA have cars with only automatic transmissions.