Car Rentals in the Bahamas

Driving a Car in the Bahamas

Driving restricted to New Providence Island only.

Cars drive on the left side of the road in the Bahamas and off-road vehicles are recommended when travelling outside urban areas.

Most driving laws are the same as in the UK and Ireland.

Minimum age is 25 years. Drivers between 21-24 may be subject to a young drivers surcharge.

Although fuel is expensive in the Bahamas, stations are plentiful.

Alerts and Warnings

Although vehicles drive on the left side of the road, just like in Ireland and the UK, be very carfull when driving in the Bahamas. Locals aren't always in sync with the traffic rules and will sometimes drive on the right side.

When navigating the serpentine roads in the mountains, be on the outlook for cars parked in the middle of the road. This seems to be a common practice.

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