Car Rentals in Russia

Driving a Rental Car in Russia

It is not allowed to drive outside Russia with a rental car.

A valid license and registration are required to operate a motor vehicle in Russia.

Foreigners visiting Russia for less than six months can use their home state driver's licenses as long as they also have a certified translation of the license.

If a foreigner is in Russia for over six months and intends to drive a car, she/he needs to obtain a Russian driver's license.

An International licence (i.e. with Russian Translation) will be also required.

Travel Advisories and Warnings for Russia

To say driving is Russia is hazardous is a bit of an understatement.

In the past few years, traffic accidents have resulted in damages equaling 2 percent of Russia's GDP.

In the past ten years, traffic accidents have increased by 30 percent.

Car Rentals in Russia
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This is mainly due to bad driving and improper safety equipment on the cars the Russians build (Ladas and Volgas). 27% of all traffic accidents in Russia result in fatalities.

Also, officials in Russia have special license plates that exempt them from what few driving laws there are. Drunk driving is enforced (except for officials) and the limit is .05 mg/ml.