Car Rentals in Puerto Rico

Renting a Car in Puerto Rico

Cars rented in Puerto Rico are not allowed leave the Island.

There is no upper age limit for renting a car in Puerto Rico.

Travel Advisories and Warnings for Puerto Rico

It's good to have a rental car here, even in San Juan where taxi's are plentiful.

Ambulances frequently drive with their sirens on, even when they are not going to an emergency. Other vehicles rarely pull over to the side when this happens.

The top speed limit in Puerto Rico is 88 kph and this, in our opinion, is a risk. Drivers there consider traffic laws only suggestions so drive defensively.

If you are driving in San Juan and notice diamond lanes on the far right (cars drive on the right side there) don't be tempted to sneak into them. They are for buses and buses travel in the opposite direction in these lanes (ouch). Que Lastima.

Seat belt laws are strictly enforced and children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the front seat.

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