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Communism Tour in a Genuine Trabant Automobile from KrakowCommunism Tour in a Genuine Trabant Automobile from Krakow
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The Wall may be over and done with, but many of Krakow's most famous communist artifacts are alive and well.

Visit Nowa Huta, the district that still bears testament to the power of the Soviets. Most notably, your guide will lead you on a in-depth tour of the place that was originally given as a gift to Krakow by Stalin himself.

These labyrinths of the tenements were done in imitation of the renaissance and meant to be a model communist city. It later became one of the centers of the revolution and resistance within Poland, leading to the eventual overthrow of the Communist government.

This guided tour is complete with transportation in genuine Trabant automobiles - cars manufactured by the Eastern Bloc specialists. During your 2.5 hour tour, your young and energetic guide will lead you through this one-of-a-kind city and up to the gates of the steel mill that was originally in the heart of this district.

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