Car Rentals in Paraguay

Driving a Car in Paraguay

An International Driving Permit is required in Paraguay.

Travel Advisories and Warnings

Although renting a car in Paraguay is a safer way to travel than using public transportation.

Drive defensively. Motorists in Paraguay are not required to have insurance and there are few who seem to have taken Traffic 101.

Do not drink in drive. If you are in a traffic accident with a citizen of Paraguay, guess who will win?

The roads are mostly unpaved and particularly hazardous during the rainy reason.

Most drivers in Paraguay do not carry vehicle insurance. If you liked going on the bumper-car ride when you were young, you'll love Paraguay.

While streets in the cities of Paraguay generally consist of cobblestone and dirt, two roads are decently maintained. One is the highway to Ciudad del Este and Brazil, and the other is south to Encarnacion and Argentina.

Car Hire in Paraguay

All other roads outside the cities are unpaved and may be impossible to drive in the rainy season.

To make things even more fun in Paraguay, there are few road signs warning of upcoming hazards such as sharp turns and intersections. Be prepared for surprises.

Driving at night is dangerous, because assaults of people in their cars is frequent. This is especially true in the rural areas.