Car Rentals in Namibia

Driving a Car in Namibia

Vehicles are NOT permitted into Angola and Zambia.

4 Days advance notification is required for travel into Zimbabwe. A letter of authorization must be requested at the time of reservation for all cross border traveling.

The supplier will not be held responsible if a renter is refused entry into another country.

All foreign registered vehicles entering Namibia will have to pay a Cross Border Charge. A certificate will be issued by the Namibian Authority and must be kept in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The renter is responsible for the payment of the Cross Border Charge.

Should a renter commence with a rental in Namibia and cross the border to South Africa and an accident/theft occurs - the original Namibian excess still applies.

A valid unendorsed licence is required. Drivers must have their licence for at least 2 years prior renting a vehicle.

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An International drivers licence is not required, provided the original licence is in English (or any of SA official languagues) either on the license in a separate accompanying document which is attached as an official translation of the license.

Minimum age for car rental is 21 years. Drivers between 21-23 will be subject to a young drivers surcharge - NAD 74.75 per day.

Maximum age for renting a car in Namibia is 70 years.