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Driving a Car in Mexico

Mexico City (MEX) has a law that restricts driving in the city for one day of the week depending on the vehicle's license plate number.

Drivers are subject to a fine (and possible vehicle impoundment) for driving a vehicle on a day that such vehicle is restricted from circulating the city. The restriction is based on the last number of the license plate.

The minimum age for renting a car in Mexico is 21. Drivers between 21-25 may be subject to a young drivers surcharge.

The maximum age for renting a car in Mexico is 75.

Travel Advisories and Warning for Mexico

We recommend consulting travel advisories when travelling to Mexico. While most of the country is quite safe to drive in, some parts may be experiencing problems.

In border towns, the police tend to be corrupt and crime is rampant so we suggest not going into Mexico from the US.

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In early 2007, the police in Tijuana (below San Diego, California) were so out of control their guns were taken away and they were issued slingshots in their place.

Be very careful when driving in Mexico. The leading cause of deaths for tourist there is being in an automobile accident.