Car Rentals in Colombia

Renting a Car in Colombia

An International Driving Permit is necessary in Colombia and you are required to drive with your lights on outside the major cities.

It is against the law to talk on a cell phone while driving in Colombia but this is not the worst of your problems.

Seatbelts are also required by law for those in the front seat of vehicles but there are no requirements for the rear seat, even for children.

Traffic laws are rarely enforced anywhere.

Cautions and Alerts

While it is still advantageous to be careful in Colombia, the country is far friendlier to tourism than it was just a few years ago.

Our good friend, Nick Rennie, who has been to Colombia seven times, gives this advice: The way to stay safe is not to draw attention to yourself. Do not use a map in front of people, do not wear flashy clothes and do not drive expensive cars that stand out from the crowd.

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