Car Rentals in Cameroon

Renting a Car in Cameroon

When renting a car in Cameroon, you will need an international driving permit as well as a license from your country of residence.

Alerts and Cautions in Cameroon

The roads throughout Cameroon are in very poor condition.

If you need to travel around Cameroon, renting a car may be the safest way to get around the country. Taxis will stop to pick up additional passengers and many times this situation will lead to rape or other serious crimes against the original occupant.

Travel advisories are in place when travelling to Cameroon. Avoid border areas with the Central African Republic and Lake Chad, and be aware violent crime is prevalent in most urban areas.

Drive with your windows up and doors locked at all times.

Travel to and from Gabon and the Central African Republic from Cameroon is particularly difficult in the rainy season and year round, there are many accidents on the Yaouende-Douala road, especially at night.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles are likely targets for armed robbery, especially in the North near the Nigerian border.

Car Hire in Cameroon
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Livestock and stray pedestrians may materialize on the roadways without warning giving you the odd sensation you are in a Star Trek episode.

Expect frequent police roadblocks and the need to make donations to their retirement plans.