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Renting a Car in Brazil

.06 mg/ml is the blood alcohol limit for drunk driving in Brazil and traffic laws other than this one are sporadically enforced.

The maximum speed limit in Brazil is 120 km/h.

A valid driving licence held for a minimum of 1 year is required in Brazil.

Minimum age for drivers is 21 years.

Agents charge if keys are lost. Note if vehicle is stolen and keys are not returned to rental Agent, insurance is deemed void. Please keep an eye on your keys as new cars can now not be stolen with out them.

It might be an idea to take the rental tag off the keys and put it in the glove box untill your return so as not to direct thieves to the exact details of your vehicle.

Cautions and alerts in Brazil

While driving conditions in Brazil vary from area to area, they all have in common the danger factor. In fact, driving in Brazil is one of the most hazardous things you can do there. If you can avoid renting a car, do so.

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