Car Rentals in Aruba

Driving a Car in Aruba

It is not permitted to drive outside Aruba.

Minimum age for drivers is 23 years.

Travel Advisories and Warnings

Unless you stay in one of the two the main cities, renting a car in Aruba is advisable.

However, and you may think this odd for us to say here, you really don't need a car for much longer than two days or so.

This is because a car is necessary if you wish to visit some of the more interesting places on the Island like the unpopulated areas on the north shore.

However, Aruba is a small island and you will be able to see everything of any interest in two or three day trips.

The rest of the time you can spend lounging in the warm Caribbean waters.

We suggest renting a four-wheel vehicle like a Jeep if you wish to visit the remote areas.

Car Hire in Aruba
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