Car Rentals and Tours in Argentina

When renting a car in Argentina

It is not normally permitted to drive outside Argentina.

A valid driving license held at least 2 years is required in Argentina.

The blood alcohol limit is .05 mg/ml so be careful with that excellent Argentinean wine if you will be behind the wheel.

There is strict enforcement of traffic laws and you will need an international license if you wish to drive outside Buenos Aires.

Cautions and Alerts

Beware the mustard spill. In this evil twist on the old spilled wine scheme, someone will spray mustard on you and a bystander will approach with an offer to help. This "helpful" person will then commence to rob you.

We like to call this fellow the dirty dog of the caper. You may be thought of as "yellow" but leave the area immediately or call for help if you are accosted with a condiment.

At the very least, they may think you crazy and leave you alone.

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Buenos Aires Half-Day Bike Tour Buenos Aires Half-Day Bike Tour

For those wanting to see Buenos Aires from a different perspective, look no further. Choose between a south Buenos Aires or a north Buenos Aires bike tour.

Either tour will give you a wonderful experience as your expert guide leads the way, allowing you to discover the sights, sounds and smells of this marvelous city.

Get off the beaten track on a bike tour of Buenos Aires to a side of the city unseen by most visitors. Your local guide will introduce you to the sounds, smells and rhythms of Buenos Aires, frequented only by local Argentineans.

You will be provided with all necessary equipment including bikes, helmets and bottled water. During the bike tour, stops will be made for photographs and to hear interesting commentary about the city, its history and the people who call it home.

You have the choice of two routes either through the north or the south of the city.

South Tour: Puerto Madero, Ecologic Reserve, 'Costanera Sur', La Boca, San Telmo and Plaza de Mayo Square

North Tour: Retiro, Thays Park, Barrio Parque Neighborhood (near Palermo), Palermo Woods, Palermo neighborhood and Recoleta neighborhood.

Argentina Fiesta Gaucha Day Trip from Buenos Aires Argentina Fiesta Gaucha Day Trip from Buenos Aires

Travel through the Argentinean pampas on a full-day trip from Buenos Aires to a typical estancia (ranch).

On your relaxing day in the Argentinean countryside, you'll enjoy a traditional asado barbecue, be entertained by folkloric songs and dances and be amazed by the gauchos' legendary horseback-riding skills.

The Fiesta Gaucha day trip takes you through the scenic pampas countryside outside Buenos Aires to the estancia, where you'll take a tour of the ranch and experience the gaucho lifestyle.

Your traditional asado barbecue is accompanied by traditional Argentinean empanadas, wines and the distinctive music and dance of the gauchos.

On Sundays, the tour includes a stopover at the San Telmo Fair, where you can browse antique stalls for bargains and watch dancers, singers and other street entertainers.

Tren de la Costa Rail Tour to Tigre from Buenos Aires Tren de la Costa Rail Tour to Tigre from Buenos Aires

Don't miss out on the opportunity to visit the must-see Tigre area while you're in Buenos Aires. You'll take a picturesque ride along the Rio de la Plata on the coastal Tren de la Costa train and visit the extraordinary ecological area of the Parana River delta.

The luxurious homes and attractive coastline of this lovely area are only 18 miles (30km) north of Buenos Aires.

Following a stopover at the San Isidro station to visit its attractive shopping area, you'll continue your train ride to Tigre and hop on a boat on the Parana River, enjoying nature at its best.

Buenos Aires Tango Show, Dinner and Dance Lessons Buenos Aires Tango Show, Dinner and Dance Lessons

This 3.5-hour evening tour allows you to mingle with the locals at the best "milongas" in town.

At these Buenos Aires dance halls, you'll experience a traditional Tango show, enjoy complimentary drinks, a delicious dinner and fun Tango lessons! A trip to Argentina is not complete without this famous form of art and entertainment.

This tour gives you the unique opportunity to experience a traditional Tango show while you enjoy drinks (wine, beer, juices) and an exquisite local dinner.

The best part of this tour is that Tango lessons, with professional dancers, are included! Lessons are not compulsory and you won't be obliged to participate. You can simply relax and enjoy the atmosphere while your fellow companions learn the moves to this beautiful sexy dance.

Complete your adventures through Argentina with a Tango show. Go out, have fun and let us do all the driving! After a fun night out in Buenos Aires, your tour concludes with hotel drop off.

Buenos Aires City Sightseeing Tour Buenos Aires City Sightseeing Tour

Discover the magic of Buenos Aires on a comprehensive introductory tour of Argentina's capital city. Perfect for first-time visitors, this morning or afternoon three-hour city tour is a well-rounded introduction to Buenos Aires' famous sights while also leaving you with time in the day free to explore the city on your own.

The three-hour bus tour includes the beautiful parks and gardens of the Recoleta and Palermo neighborhoods, the Colon Theater (one of the world's five most important opera theaters), Mayo Square, the cathedral, traditional Mayo Avenue, Congress Square and many other buildings and palaces of architectural, historical and cultural interest.

Your Buenos Aires city sightseeing tour continues with a visit to San Telmo, residence of the aristocracy until the end of the 19th century.

Then, you will have the opportunity to explore Caminito Street in La Boca, a colorful neighborhood of Italian immigrants. You'll visit the recently revitalized area of Puerto Madero and on Sundays the tour includes a stop at the vibrant San Telmo Fair.

Buenos Aires Tango Show Buenos Aires Tango Show

A night out in Buenos Aires means one thing - the tango! Take this evening tour to watch a superbly polished performance by dancers, singers and musicians in a beautiful Buenos Aires venue.

Buenos Aires' nightlife is famous worldwide, but nothing is as magical as a tango show. Experience the emotion, grace and glamour of this famous musical genre from the Rio de la Plata first-hand on an unforgettable night out in Buenos Aires.

Upgrade to the dinner option and enjoy delicious local cuisine that only Argentina could offer! A great meal with an already fantastic performance will get you culturally involved in the unique Buenos Aires nightlife.

Opera Pampa Dinner and Show in Buenos Aires Opera Pampa Dinner and Show in Buenos Aires

Be entertained on an exciting evening on the town in Buenos Aires. You'll experience the drama and equestrian displays of the Opera Pampa gaucho show, enjoy a typical gaucho barbecue and visit a winery to sample Argentina's finest wines.

Pampa Opera's sound and light spectacular includes fireworks and thrilling equestrian displays. The brilliantly choreographed epic show is a dynamic and entertaining introduction to Argentina's history, from the arrival of the horse to the birth of the nation.

Argentina's gaucho history comes alive in a succession of scenes featuring 50 folkloric dances, musicians, singers and brilliant horsemanship.

After the show, you'll feast on Argentina's famous beef, grilled in a typical gaucho barbecue pit. You'll also pay a visit to a premium winery to sample fine wines and purchase wines in gift-wrapped boxes or cases.

Full Day Tour to Iguazu Falls Full Day Tour to Iguazu Falls

Recognized world-wide, the Iguazu Falls is considered to be one of the most impressive natural beauties on Earth.

With more than 200 falls reaching heights of 200 feet (60 meters), the power, size and sheer noise of Iguazu is simply breathtaking. This Argentinian wonder is definitely not to be missed.

This sub-tropical region shared by Argentina and Brazil covers an extensive area that starts in the North-east part of Argentina and ends in the Carnival capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Upper Circuit: magnificent view of the waterfalls and access to the Iguazu River delta, made up of luxuriant vegetation islands.

Lower Circuit: a series of catwalks strategically placed for visitors to get several views of the falls and to get close to the cascades and charming spots of the forest.

Devil's Throat: indescribable for its beauty and energy, it presents an overwhelming combination of sounds and surroundings.

Train of the Forest: a circuit of ecological trains running inside the forest and skirting the river that allows you to get around within the park and to access the footbridges to see the attractions.

Full Day Tour to the Torres del Paine National Park Full Day Tour to the Torres del Paine National Park

Journey out of El Calafate for a full day, on a scenic drive to the Chilean border, where after clearing customs, you'll head to the Torres del Paine National Park.

The picturesque drive will allow you to gaze at the stunning scenery and enjoy the true South American tropics.

Upon arrival, you'll have the opportunity to explore the national park, its amazing views and beautiful lakes.

By taking the internal route, you'll pass by Lake Sarmiento and Amarga Lagoon. Driving a few more miles, you'll enjoy a panoramic vista of the Paine Horns from one of the lookout points.

Continue to Lake Pehoe and Paine River before arriving at the Lago Grey Inn for a leisurely lunch.

Then take a short hike to see the powerful waterfall at Salto Grande and enjoy the magnificent sights. You'll depart the National Park in the afternoon, arriving in El Calafate late in the evening.

This tour is a must for all nature enthusiasts and those looking for a relaxing day out. Explore amazing South American scenery by traveling through two different countries.

5-Day Tour to Mendoza 5-Day Tour to Mendoza

This 5-day tour to Mendoza from Buenos Aires is a true South American experience! You'll have the opportunity to visit the highest point in the Americas while enjoying the finest Argentinian wines in the area of Lujan de Cuyo and Maipu.

Mendoza is one of Argentina's most beautiful cities. It is a bustling and energetic metropolis that basks daily in a sunny climate. It rests at the feet of the majestic Andes under the Aconcagua, which at a towering 22,835ft (6,960 meters), remains the highest peak in the Americas.

Nearby is the Christ the Redeemer Statue, which stands at a height of 13,000 feet (4000 meters) and represents peace and friendship between Chile and Argentina. Explore the Puente del Inca, a natural stone bridge nestled in ancient Inca ruins.

Mendoza's pleasant weather is also ideal for many outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, river rafting, wind sailing, and skiing.

Recoleta Afternoon Walking Tour Recoleta Afternoon Walking Tour

Of the many neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, only a few show the grandeur and sophistication of Argentina's capital city. Find out which areas are of international interest on this Recoleta Afternoon Walking Tour.

The influences from the Spanish, British, Italian and French become tangible as you walk the culturally glowing streets of these neighborhoods.

On this 2 mile (3.2km) walking tour you will visit:

Recoleta Cemetery Detailed Visit
Evita Peron, her Memorial and her Story
Pilar Basilica Visit
Palais de Glac, where Tango become of age
BA Design Center
Recoleta Cultural Center
Bourdelle's Monument to Alvear
Giant Flower Close-up Visit
ATC Bldgs. and the story of the Madres
Palermo Quarter and the 2001 Economy Crash
Alcorta Palace: an Unsuspected Rooftop
Malba and Fine Arts Museums and Story
National Library and Loma Mitre Quarter
Errazuriz Palace Visit
Argentine Automobile Club and Antique Cars Museum
Monument to France and Argentina

6-Day Tour to Bariloche and the Lake District 6-Day Tour to Bariloche and the Lake District

Venture out from Buenos Aires and spend six days exploring Patagonia, the surroundings of Bariloche and the Lake District. See ancient breathtaking glaciers and take in the endless Andes mountain range.

You'll have the opportunity to witness the imposing granite peaks, uninhabited lands, immense colored lakes, savage rivers and remote national parks. The endless activities and tours in the region offer what is sure to become an unforgettable experience.

During this tour, you'll appreciate the beauty of San Carlos de Bariloche. You'll start downtown where you'll travel down Bustillo Avenue to reach Playa Bonita. You'll visit Campanario Hill where you can optionally take the lifting chair.

After crossing the San Pedro Peninsula, you'll reach the Llao Llao area and visit the San Eduardo Chapel and luxurious Llao Llao hotel, which in front of Puerto Panuelo, is located on the departing pier for many lake excursions.

You'll visit Villa Tacul, Escondido Lake, Lopez Bay, Moreno Lake and El Tr�bol Lake after getting to the lookout point.

Best of Buenos Aires Walking Tour Best of Buenos Aires Walking Tour

Discover the friendly and fascinating city of Buenos Aires on foot.

This 2 mile (3.2km) morning walking tour of the Retiro and Recoleta neighborhood is a pleasant way to experience the unique culture of Buenos Aires, its history, customs, buildings and monuments. It is an educational and fun way to explore Argentina's capital city.

The walking tour covers over 25 must-see attractions including:

Florida St. and Early History of BA
Corrientes Av. and its Obelisk (explained)
Ana Diaz place (first woman settler in 1582)
Mariquita Sanchez house, short history of Argentina
Av de Mayo, Cafe Tortoni & the story of Tango
Plaza de Mayo (Evita, Mothers, Falklands & crowds)
Casa Rosada (Govt. House, The Peron's balconies)
Cathedral & Gral. San Martin's mausoleum & story
Manzana de las Luces (Enlightment Square)
San Ignacio, Francisco & Domingo (colonial churches)
World famous San Telmo Qt.. Evita's headquarters
San Telmo Market
Visits inside colonial houses
Modern Art Museum (ex Onassis' cigarette factory)
Lezama Park, BA's foundation, settlers & cannibals

Listen as your knowledgeable guide informs you about the local history, architecture, traditions, habits and unique features you might never have discovered otherwise.

This is a fun, easy going tour where you will be taken off the beaten track. Complimentary coffee is included.

Mendoza Highlands Tour Mendoza Highlands Tour

For a scenic day out, explore the beauty and wilderness of the Andes! You'll cross the Precordilleran and Uspallata Valleys and visit several local Argentinian townships including Polvaredas, Punta de Vacas and Las Cuevas.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Argentina's mountainous scenery and explore famous ancient Incan locations. This tour offers a great insight into the beautiful landscape and rich culture Argentina has to offer.

Your fabulous circuit of the Andes will take you down the international road, crossing the Precordillera and the Frontal Cordillera and penetrating into the international limits with Chile. You'll have the opportunity to stop at the famous Inca bridge and thermal springs.

The route winds through the Precordilleran valley of Potrerillos, the Uspallata Valley and visits the historic bridge of Picheuta which was built during San Mart�n's campaign.

You'll have the opportunity to visit the towns of Polvaredas and Punta de Vacas where the Cuevas, Vacas and Tupungato rivers converge, giving birth to the fascinating Mendoza river.

You'll also visit Los Penitentes ski station and the famous Inca bridge and its thermal springs. Get close to the Chilean border when you make a stop at the Horcones border control and Las Cuevas border village.

3-Day Tour of El Calafate and the Glaciers 3-Day Tour of El Calafate and the Glaciers

Visit the southern arm of Lake Argentino and Los Glaciares National Park on a three day tour from Buenos Aires.

Your first day starts at El Calafate where you'll travel approximately 52 miles (85km) to the Rico Arm of the Lake to explore the paths and lookout points of Perito Moreno Glacier.

This tour provides an excellent family retreat into the natural wonders Argentina has to offer.

Perito Moreno Glacier is an impressive natural wonder due to its extension and height.

It has become world famous for its easy access, continuous advance and the loud loosening of huge icebergs.

The Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (Glaciers National Park) area is home to other important glaciers such as Upsalla, Onelli and Spegazzini.

Trekking and Canoeing in Tierra del Fuego National Park Trekking and Canoeing in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Spend a full and varied day out exploring the Tierra del Fuego National Park, located in Ensenada Bay. Enjoy a 3-hour escorted trek and admire amazing views of the Beagle Channel while learning about the local flora, fauna and the old Indian settlements.

After lunch, you'll get to canoe through Lapataia River to Lapataia Bay. This tour is an exciting way to explore the best of the Argentinian outdoors.

You'll be picked up from the hotel early in the morning and taken to Ensenada Bay to start your 3-hour trekking adventure. En route, you'll have the opportunity to admire panoramic views of the breathtaking Beagle Channel.

Your expert guide will escort you during the entire 4.5 mile (7km) walk to Lake Roca, teaching you about the local flora, fauna and old Indian settlements.

Enjoy lunch by the shores of the lake and get yourself prepared for a canoeing adventure on the stunning Lapataia River. Head towards Lapataia Bay where you'll enjoy more views of the surroudning scenery including the Beagle Channel. In the late afternoon, you'll be transferred back to your hotel.

This Argentinian adventure in the Tierra del Fuego National Park is great for all outdoor enthusiasts and avid nature lovers. You'll enjoy fabulous views and learn about the local ecological system. For an outdoor adventure in the South American tropics, book this Argentinean activity today.