Aquitaine, France

Area: 41,309 km2 [ 27,553 square miles]

Population: 2,842,000

Regional capital: Bordeaux

Historically, Aquitaine essentially owed its wealth to its famous vineyards in the Bordeaux region and vast pine forests.

Recent economic progress achieved based upon the aerospace, agri-foodstuffs and wood pulp industries, the Province's industrial development is still lacking.

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Towns in Aquitaine

Agen - In France, Agen is famous as the "capital of the prune," a local produce, you can find either as a sweet (stuffed with puree) or after-dinner fare (prunes soaked in Armagnac, a type of Brandy).

Arcachon - Arcachon is a water sport community also known for its thermal baths and plentiful gardens and parks.

Bayonne - Bayonne, at the junction of the rivers Adour and Nive, is a busy commercial town, with a long history.

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The bayonet (lovely thought there) was invented here and Bayonne is equally famous for its chocolate.

Bordeaux - Referred to as the fine wines capital of the world, Bordeaux is a major metropolitan area (approaching 1 million wine lovers) with a diverse array of industries.

Dax - Dax is a busy market center in southwestern France that still retains parts of the original Roman wall circa 4th century.

Pau - In southwestern France, Pau is perched on a high bluff that parallels the Pyrenees mountains and, of historical note, is the birthplace of France's 1st Protestant king, Henri IV.

Saint Jean de Luz - Near the Spanish border on the Nivelle River lies this beach community with tuna and sardine fishing economies.