Adare, County Limerick

The lovely little community of Adare sits on the river Maigue and means ford of the oak in Irish.

The town dates back to the middle ages and is riddled with picturesque thatched-roof houses.

The oak was a sacred tree to the Druids in ancient times and there is some suggestion Adare once held mystical attraction.

However the early history of Adare has been lost after repeated invasions destroyed much of the oral history.

Since all written history of Adare pertains mostly to Church matters, the early Druid imprint has been all but lost.

It is known the area was inhabited as far back as three millenniums ago and, although most ancient buildings are found along the coast of Kerry and to the northwest part of Ireland, Adare's friendly climate and fertile soil must have lent itself to early inhabitation.

One of the most important archeological sites in Ireland is at Lough Gur near the village of Bruff just northwest of Adare.

This site dates from 3,000 B.C. and visitors can see standing stones and burial mounds there.

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