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Tour Clare is a travel website for the Irish going on holiday, and for those who are visiting Ireland and the rest of Europe. We are also a resource site for Irish Weddings.

This Irish-tourism website was created in 2001 to help the B&B's of County Clare after the tragedy of 9/11.

Today we have information throughout Europe but our hearts are still in Ireland.

All eco-tourism businesses are invited to send us an email and we will be delighted to add you to our resource pages.

Tours in Europe

We have a good number of tours around the world (see listings to the left).

For your convenience, our world tours can be reserved right here, from our website, well in advance of your holiday.

Worldwide Car Rentals made easy with CarTrawler

When travelling abroad, using CarTrawler can be the most convenient way to find the car you need because they give you access to over 450 suppliers in over 9,000 locations around the world.

If you should need to rent a car on your holiday, we have driving information on most countries. Also, our rental prices on car hire are, possibly, the best anywhere unless you happen to get a loaner from your brother-in-law.

With 50 years of experience in car rentals, CarTrawler is one of the oldest and most respected car hire companies in Ireland and in the rest of Europe.

CarTrawler's easy-to-use booking engine for car hire offers secure booking for car rentals around the world. CarTrawler makes it easy to rent a car anywhere you might want to go.

CarTrawler is one of the top car hire companies in the world and Tour Clare has been working with them for fourteen years, now.


CarTrawlerCar Hire Tips

Our best suggestion when travelling anywhere is to rent a car well in advance of your travel date.

If you are visiting Ireland, we feel renting a car on your holiday is the only reasonable way to visit all the castles, abbeys and other bits of antiquity you might want to explore.

Stay in a hotel with a good pub if you want to drink. This is just good common sense, of course. If you want to hear trad music in a local pub, take a taxi and ask the publican if he can provide you with one for the return to your hotel.

Check with your insurance carrier before your holiday to see what excess coverage (if any) you will need on your car hire. Many times it will be completely covered and you will know in advance so you won't be sold any insurance you don't need.

Read a little about the local laws and blood alcohol levels that constitute DUI.

Tips for Driving in Ireland courtesy of Ireland's Liberty Insurance.

European Car Rentals

Visit our European Car Rentals page to find out what to expect when travelling throughout Europe. We have driving laws and tips on most countries, and information ranging from Spanish car hire to renting a car in Portugal.

Did you know Serbia requires you to turn off the engine if you are stopped in a tunnel over one minute? I know it's creepy but we don't want a tunnel full of Serbs getting mad at us now, do we?\ Dublin Airport.

Irish hotels have not, in recent years, been the bargain they are today. Most hotels in Ireland have greatly reduced their rates and they are eager to play host to you.

Irish Tours

Dublin Tours

In Western Ireland, alone, there are over 3,000 earthen and stone forts, 130 megalithic tombs, 300 castles, 250 ancient churches, seven cathedrals, 12 monasteries, 20 stone crosses.

This is not to mention 15 round towers, delights to behold, and a panoply lesser monuments.

On a clear day, you might want to visit the Burren, one of the most beautiful and haunting geological wonders in Europe.

Jim and DaughtersContact us at Tour Clare

In any event, we hope you'll have a lovely visit to Ireland but be careful when stepping behind those rock walls. You never know where a stray leprechaun might be waiting to collect you.

Slan go foill,

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Michelle Sell - one of America's top Harpists (the national symbol of Ireland is the harp)

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